Over the Ear Premium Headphones

If you like lots of bass in your music, over-the-ear headphones are a perfect choice for you. The extra size also lends more room for extra design aesthetics. This also is appreciated by users who like the distinction between open back and closed back headphones. The larger driver units generally placed in over-the-ear headphones allow for more clear sound reproduction. 

Over-the-ear phones are the traditional large headphones with ear-cups that enclose the ear entirely.  The large size enables these headphones to have a much better sound quality and a way better bass output compared to their rather compact in-ear and on-ear counterparts.  The ear encapsulation provides better noise isolation too, turning your music into a really exciting experience.

The over-the-ear offerings at audio troupe provide state of the art sound quality and a robust design that makes it an ear accessory to flaunt.  Take our Ultrasone lineup, for example. The build quality is sturdy and they will remain durable much longer than their contemporaries in the same class.