On Ear Premium Headphones

On-ear headphones need to be quite different from both in-ear and over-the-ear headphones. They represent a special kind of use. These headphones tend to be the best combination for the person who doesn’t want to compromise anything. The compact build plus the (often) foldable nature lends them credence to be used by anyone. Plus, since there isn’t a sacrifice on the performance end, the sounds will be just as crisp as most over-the-ear headphones.


The units we carry here at Audio Troupe are primarily focused on sound and comfort. We want our users to feel confident when they choose our headphones fully knowing that they’ll be a big part of their lives. The lowest end of on-ear headphones we carry has a fabric exterior on both the headset and on the cord. Too often, the headphones that have fantastic sound are ruined by wiring that isn’t durable. The tangle-free nature of our Plattan model’s wiring removes that risk, for example


On the charitable end, we also carry the LSTN Fillmore. They’re well built with wood housing and foam on the inner curves. Each time you purchase a LSTN-branded headphone from us, you’ll be assisting a person in receiving a hearing aid through the Starkey Hearing Foundation