In-ear Premium Headphones

Compact, portable, and versatile: in-ear headphones have become the de facto choice of music listeners everywhere. From Paris to San Francisco, Austin to Mumbai, these headsets are perfect for any commuter.


Doesn’t matter if the trip lasts 20 minutes or 2 hours, in-ear headphones are the best way to focus completely on yourself and remove contact with the rest of the noise around you. Another thing to keep in mind is that the build quality of headphones is crucial.


The cheaper models then to have plastic housing with cheaply made drivers. Those units don’t even factor into our inventory. The bare minimum Audio Troupe approves from an aesthetic perspective are polycarbonate headphones that have high tensile stress points. The headphones also need to be soft to the touch and durable for handling. The best of them tend to have wood housing or polycarbonate housing with some metal points.  


The core deciding factor is the internals of any headset. Averaging around 10mm in driver size, in-ear headphones are best differentiated based on the style of ear tips and driver type. Most use dynamic drivers because of their ability to reproduce multiple frequencies in an optimized manner.