How does Audio Troupe work?

You register with our service within 2 minutes. We then send you 5 headphone recommendations curated just for you. You are able to pick 3 headphones to get shipped to your door. Take 10 days to try all of the headphones and make your final choice. We will be in touch with you the whole time in case you have any concerns!

When will I be charged?

Only when you choose to buy something! 

If you don’t ship the remaining headphones back within 14 days of delivery, you’ll be charged for the entire order on the immediate following business day. Don’t worry: If you do get charged, we’ll still take back the headphones in their original condition for a prompt, full refund.

What do I pay for using Audio Troupe?

No. There are no commitments, subscription fees, or minimum purchase requirements. You just pay for the headphones you want. 

How are you different from Amazon?

While Amazon is great for buying anything you know you already want, it is a terrible experience when it comes to helping you find of what you're not sure. Even when you want to try multiple variants, they'll all come in separate boxes and perhaps with separate deliveries. Audio Troupe offers premium headphones with minimal packaging so you just open our box and have the headphones ready to try. Best part of all - you haven't even paid a dime yet.

Why can't I just go to a local store or retailer? 

Going to a brick and mortar store or retailer has unique problems. You have to drive or make time to go to the location, then the limited selection of headphones out on display have already been used by hundreds of people that day. Not to mention the push for a sale that comes from the representative at the store. With Audio Troupe, all of our headphone units go through a two-step UV and Ozone sterilization process before being re-stocked for trial. 

How often will I receive a Shipment of Headphones?

That’s entirely up to you. Headphones are sent only upon request. Some of our customers do schedule regular deliveries, especially companies who want to give this as a perk to their employees. If you’re interested in an automatic regular shipment (e.g. monthly / quarterly), just ask us at!

Can I wear the headphones and then send them back?

Try everything on with your comfort level. Don't wear them out unless you intend to purchase them. Headphones that are excessively damaged will be charged to your account. We trust you to use them responsibly!

What if I am not able to send back the box within 14 days?

We generally try to work things out with our customers. If you truly have an issue, just ask us at

You guys do any sales or holiday deals?

We keep flat pricing all year round. However, we do run holiday deals and giveaways with many leading blogs and websites!