The whole idea behind Audio Troupe started based on a frustration. Why is it so hard to purchase headphones?


Trying them in a store gets the hands-on experience, but there aren’t enough good selections. More often than not, there are only the major players and not every unit is out in the open for trial. The different styles of in-ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear headsets aren’t going to be present, not to mention there will always be a sales pressure to purchase at that moment.


Online shopping was supposed to make it easier, however, the flood of choices only made it more difficult to find the best pair of headphones. Anyone is overwhelmed with the noise of paid reviews, affiliate marketing, disproportionate ratings across websites, and may take days or weeks to research the ideal choice!


There had to be a middle ground. A place where anyone could go, get a recommendation of headsets on their own individual tastes, and then have a trial period before making a commitment to purchase a headset. Thus, Audio Troupe was founded.


We’re a team of music fanatics, e-commerce professionals, and experienced coffee drinkers. We’re on a mission to get you the right pair of headphones!